9 things to do in Vilanculos, by Larry Lardner M

Discover 9 things to do in Vilanculos, that you, really, can not miss while exploring the area. Of the many coastline towns of Mozambique, Vilanculos boasts the largest accumulation of tourist-centric facilities and services. There are a number of cafes, restaurants and shops that cater for tourists and locals alike. Vilanculos also serves as the gateway to the Archipelago. Dhows (traditional sailing boats) safaris provide daily and overnight travel between the town and the islands of the Bazaruto Archipelago.

The town itself is only about 5km long, filled with all the amenities needed to make your visit comfortable. The airport is based on the outskirts of the town with flights arriving and departing on a daily basis. While in Vilanculos you have an opportunity to experience the unexplored charm of the Bazaruto Archipelago of Mozambique, which consists of 5 tropical islands (Bazaruto, Benguera, Margaruque, Banque and Santa Carolina).

things to do in Vilanculos

The area offers an ideal vacation of a life-time, featuring unspoiled coral beaches, scuba diving, snokerling, top-notch deep sea fishing, spear fishing and salt water fly fishing. Once you’ve been in Vilanculos for a few days and have started going into big city detox and are acting a little irrational, don’t go hanging about with other big city nuts. Instead take off your watch, put on those flip flops and say to yourself three times in the mirror each morning, ‘Today I am going to achieve nothing.’ Its hard, but I know you can do it.

Here are 9 tips, on things to do in Vilanculos, to get you on the slow track:

1. Travel only by foot or by tuk-tuk. This way you are part of the sites, sounds and smells of this colourful little village;

2. Visit the Balinese-style Casbah Restaurant and Bar for a cocktail on the beach every afternoon. While at the Casbah, try out the locally produced Piripiri Saboroso, a tasty chilli sauce with flavor but also packs a punch, for those heat-lovers;

3. Watch the locals play football and practice martial arts on the beach and, if your up for it, join in. This happens every Sunday afternoon on the main beach;

4. Eat a pizza and chocolate pancakes at Casa Gucci and split your sides laughing at Valerie`s outrageous humor;

5. Go on a dhow safari with Sail-a-way Dhow for the day, spot dolphins, whale sharks and endangered dugongs, snorkel off the island of Margaruque and be spell-bound by the gorgeous island scenery;

6. Watch a rugby game on the big screen Frutos Do Mar, preferably a morning game so you have a reason to start drinking beer really early;

7. Walk down to the fisherman’s market at around 3pm each afternoon on the beach and buy fresh calamari, prawns and fish straight off the dhow;

8. Ask a local lady to make you a pot of crab matapa, a delicious stew of crushed cassava leaves, coconut milk, peanuts, minced prawns and whole crabs. Eat it all under a palm tree with a glass of chilled white wine. This is one of those experiences you didn’t know you wanted until you actually had it;

9. Choose something completely weird to ask for at the Mercardo Municipal (local open air market) like an electric toothbrush or a small Elvis doll and see if they can rustle it up for you. It’s fascinating to walk through the multi coloured isles and challenge your own ideas about shopping and well, life in general. This is a place where even time has its own agenda. Have fun!!!

Larry Lardner M

things to do in vilanculos

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