Two swiss ladies, two weeks in Mozambique

With two weeks in Mozambique, to discover this amazing country (wich some people we spoke to did not know where to locate on a map) we had to make choices. After long thoughts we decided to go for the coast. Our main questions were: should we drive ourselves (we love doing that) or should we better have a driver/guide, and should we do the whole trip by car or take planes. Looking at the horrendous car rental prices and hearing about difficult roads and driving conditions, we had our answers: driver/guide it will be. Also, despite all the terrible stories we had heard about plane being unreliable we decided to take up the challenge.

Our quite classical itinerary took us from Maputo to Vilankulos by car, then we hopped on a plane to Nampula to head for Ilha de Moçambique and back by plane to Maputo.

Choosing the car with the driver/guide was the right decision and you do need to have a solid 4×4 if you want to discover the inland roads that lead to paradisiacal beaches and lodges. The other great advantage was that James our guide and driver, spoke Portuguese and local languages as well as English.  Thanks to him for example, we discovered local dishes such as Matapa.  Finally, you do need to know how to deal with the multiple police checks on the road and us not speaking the language would have faced lots of troubles.

two weeks in mozambique

Regarding the planes, indeed they were never on time…. but always ahead of schedule – lucky us?  Anyway, a very convenient way to travel if you want to avoid the bad roads (which start after Vilankulos from what we have been told).

Two Weeks in Mozambique, meeting friendly people

We loved our trip and we love Mozambique. We have had only friendly encounters with the local people and we can only imagine how much closer we could have interacted with them if we spoke Portuguese (our only regret). We (two white girls) never felt insecure or hassled at any point of time. So, don’t listen to people who will tell you the country is a dangerous place.  Sure, the north of the country is more unstable and probably should be avoided but that’s only a tiny part of the country (if you go in NY, you probably don’t visit the rough places either).

We really appreciated all the magnificent landscapes of Mozambique, the untouched nature and yet the comfort we could find to relax in nice and cozy hotels.

Cathy and Izzy

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Caty and Isabelle, that had contributed with an article to Mussiros Blog. Pleased with their experience as costumers, they accepted the challenge to share it.

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