Why anyone should go on a trip to Maputo?

Every city has its magic and Maputo could not be the exception; there is a dosage of charm that comes beyond its rich architecture, reworking itself between the old and the new, the traditional and modern, the colonial and the post-colonial; the city exudes beauty and a unique touch that reveals itself in the colors of the markets, in the cheerful people in the street, in street art vendors, in the exuberant scents of typical dishes, on the beaches and in the possibility of exploring the waters of the bay or even in the cordial way in which people are willing to greet us. A million reasons anyone should should go on a trip to Maputo.

trip to maputo

There is so much diversity that makes Maputo a cosmopolitan city and one of the most beautiful and pleasant places in the Indian Ocean. 

Asking ourself this few questions will tell us why we have go on a trip to Maputo

But have you stopped to wonder where people come from during the day, filling the central avenues of Maputo? 

Ever wondered where the vegetables that come with your shrimp dish, the fruit and the fresh goods that accompany you daily come from? 

Do you know an art atelier in addition to the galleries, museums and exhibition halls in the city center? 

Have you ever imagined hearing the history of this place from the mouth of those who help build it daily? 

We want you to think about it! There is a story that emerges in most of the residential neighborhoods around Maputo city. It is an inspiring story that we invite you to embark on; unusual cultural destinations, sights and leisure spots almost forgotten or to be discovered, very decent outside the ‘barracas’ that some have become accustomed to seeing. True sanctuaries of artistic creation and cultural knowledge, filled with dances, genuine smiles, African cuisine and local medicine, providing a simple and rustic, intimate, sensitive and natural experience. 

Something that enriches and rejuvenates your spirit and the way you look at the environment that surrounds you. For those who really want to explore the essence of Maputo, there is much more than what is found in their comfort zone, there are better surroundings than Sommerschield, Polana, Costa do Sol, Baixa or even Mafalala. There is a wider space of discovery and a real interaction with the places and with its people. I invite you to know another side of Maputo.

PS: Go by train if you prefer, but please go with us!

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A Inhaca Island local, Alvaro splits his time between writing poems and sharing the best of his place while guiding Mussito tours.

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