Maputo Special Reserve

The Maputo Special Reserve is located south of the capital of Mozambique on the way to the famous Ponta do Ouro Beach. One of its most special features is that it is one of the few Game Reserves where you can have the perfect bundle between Bush and Beach. The Reserve has about 40 Kms of pristine beaches on its coastal side, and inside an eco-system with lakes, dunes and bush, with Elephants, Hippopotamus, Giraffes, Zebras and more.

The Reserve is now managed jointly by ANAC and the Peace Parks Foundation, and is recovering at a considerable pace after its fauna has been practically decimated by poaching. Nowadays the population of elephants already reaches the 600, great herds of Bufalos have already returned. The Maputo Special Reserve experience is also differentiated by its raw nature.

In Maputo Special Reserve Nature is still in charge

It is an area still little explored, where the nature still commands more than the Man. While in Maputo, you should take advantage to visit the reserve. You can do it on a day trip, but also have the possibility of staying overnight. There are still not many places to stay, but soon there will be more options that are already being developed.

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