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Mussiro Trips creates tours and delivers immersive travel experiences from Mozambique for anyone who seeks a more meaningful connection and integration to the places we travel to, and the people we travel with. Looking for the most amazing Maputo Tours? You just came to the right place.

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in the Blue

Join our new underwater adventures and dive with Mussiro

For you or your group only. The price depends on the number of people on your booking.
calanga beach dunes tour

Calanga Beach & Dunes Tour | 2 Days | All Inclusive

2 Days
Availability : All year
Xefina Island

Xefina Island | Beach & History | 2 Days | All Inclusive

2 Days
Availability : All year
Watching Humpback Whales in Mozambique

Mozambique Whale Watching Tour | 2 Days | All Inclusive

2 Days
Availability : All Year
South Africa Sightseeing maputo tours Tour Panorama Route maputo tours

South Africa Sightseeing Tour | Panorama Route | 2-Days

2 Days
Availability : All year
Maputo to Tofo

Maputo – Bilene – Chizavane – Tofo | 3 Days

3 Days
Availability : All year
mussiro trips, beach and safari in mozambique

Mozambique Safari and Beach Tour | 12 Days

12 Days
Availability : 5 Departures

Mozambique, South Africa and Eswatini Tour | 15 Days

15 Days
Availability : Customizable for Groups
(1 Review)
inhaca to ponta membene tour

Inhaca to Ponta Membene Tour | Walking and Camping Expedition by the Beach | 4 Days

4 Days
(1 Review)
inhaca island walking tour

Inhaca Island Walking Tour | 2 Days

2 Days
Availability : 28 - 29 November
For you or your group only. The price depends on the number of people on your booking.

Day Tours & Maputo Tours

Know more about these Day Tours
Mussiro trips Calanga Beach tour

Calanga Beach & Dunes | Day Trip | A Break in Time | All Inclusive

11h (All inclusive)
Availability : All year
Maputo Art & Architecture Tour

Maputo Art & Architecture Tour | 3 hours

3 hours
Availability : Everyday
Watching Humpback Whales in Mozambique

Watching Humpback Whales in Mozambique | All Inclusive

1 Day
Availability : August to November
maputo bay by boat

Maputo Bay Tour | Ocean Sunset | All Inclusive

Availability : All Year
ponta do ouro day tour

Ponta do Ouro | Day Tour | Golden Waters

11 hours
Availability : All year
swaziland day tour

Cultural Eswatini | Swaziland Day Tour

Availability : All year
(1 Review)
Mozambique Art

Moz Art Workshop | 4 hours

Availability : Everyday
Maputo Downtown Tour

Maputo Walking Tour | Downtown Experience | 3 hours

3 hours
Availability : Everyday
Maputo Bike tour

Maputo Bike Tour

4 hours
Availability : Everyday

Why Traveling Mussiro Trips?

Are you looking for an immersive trip in Mozambique? You just came to the right place 🙂

  • We take you to special places
  • We practice fair prices
  • We love what we do
  • We make sure it's about YOUR experience

More than tours, we design unique experiences. Safari and Beach, Inhaca Island or Maputo Special Reserve Tour are just a few, amongst the unforgettable Mussiro Tours.

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  • We were taken to places which would have not even known existed without the team. Amazing organisation, cool people, great food and beyond expectation entertainment and the great part is that it was value for money and way over. Thank you guys for showing us how it’s done✌🏼

    Naghmeh Monica Hashemi
    Solo Traveller
  • he MozArt Day trip was an amazing experience to get to know a bit more about mozambique culture! Thank you @mussiro trips

    Eduardo Monteiro
    Couple Traveller
  • The Best Elephant Trip with great hosts, don’t miss this awesome opportunity!!

    Dawn Linford
    Couple Traveller
  • All their services, highly recommended:) 5 STARS, well done

    Inês Ferreira
    Solo Traveller

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