The Mussiro short Trips have all the Mussiro ingredients: Roots, Local, Fun, Learning, and Immersive. They are meant for residents in Mozambique or travellers passing by. We offer a range of trips from Maputo and Ilha de Moçambique. We offer the following short Trips:

Moz Art Trip:

You will spend a full day in the outskirts of Maputo working with local artists. You will learn the Batik technique and Wood crafting. We can’t promise that you will become a Picasso, but we promise fun and a memorable experience!

Moz Flavors Trip:

You will spend a day buying from local markets, understanding the diferent spices and ingredients that give color and flavour to the Mozambican cuisine. We will then move to a local family house where magic happens. Nothing like xima and matapa, and a table full of good people.

Inhaca Dhow trip:

Anyone can go to Sta Maria on a speed boat, in Mussiro we believe life is a journey, not a destination, therefore we go with the whispers of the bay sailing to Sta Maria. Have a delicious meal on the beach and a breath-taking snorkelling experience. Fishing on the way, having some music and dancing on the boat.

Ilha de Moçambique trip:

We have one full day trips in Ilha de Moçambique for those that want to experience a bit more of its surrounding nature. All spiced up with our Dhow boats sailing the bay, the flavour of our freshly made curry on the beach and the fun and wisdom from the local sailors.