Enjoy all the Mussiro Trips ingredients, but for a longer period, you just can’t have enough of Fun, Learning and Local Immersion. All trips start in Maputo, so wherever you are coming from, just make sure to land in Maputo Airport and we take it from there. All the longer trips have a theme, from which we highlight the following:


Business Trip:

It’s a trip to connect you and your business with Mozambican Market. If you want to do Business in Mozambique in a sustainable way and caring about the local community, this trip is for you. We will help you with setting up meetings, find partners, and moving around during working days, on the other days we will make sure you understand a bit more the country you are in, it’s roots, it’s traditions, it’s people. Although we and our partners (Standard Bank and CoWork Lab) will make sure your business goals are achieved it is still a Mussiro Trip after all.


Creative Writing Trip:

 If you believe you have a thing about writing and you could use some guidance and inspiration this trip is for you. We will engage you in a programme that provides both: Guidance and Inspiration. Please read more about our detail programme. But in a glimpse it includes a full-time host which is a writer with more than 5 published books, a meeting with probably the biggest Mozambican writer and the visit to the house where Luis Vaz de Camões lived for 2 years. If you add the amazing landscapes of Kruger Park and Ilha de Mozambique we are all set for good story

Volunteer Trip:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              We have a few social projects running in Inhaca, Maputo and Ilha de Moçambique. If you want to be involved in highly impact social projects and have an insightful experience, this trips are for you.