Our Inhaca 2 Days

Land and Ocean Safari in one trip. Visit the elephant reserve, Sta Maria beach and Inhaca Island in a 2 day Mussiro Trip. Includes all the meals, drinks, snacks, and many surprises. Leave your wallet at home, but bring your heart and soul to fill them up.It’s a 2 days trip that merges game safari, beach, cultural evening, dancing, fun and much more.

    Day 1

    We will go out from Catembe at 7:00 in 4x4 comfortable cars. We will enter the elephant reserve (Reserva Especial de Maputo) and give extra beer to the ones that spot more animals... and to the ones that spot the less as well .We will take a dhow boat at Machangulo and cross to Ponta de Sta Maria where we will have lunch and chill on the beach. Snorkeling, paddle surf and kayaking included of course.

    We get back on the boat after lunch and stop at a coral reef (the secret one .Some will jump in the water, some will just stay having a drink and enjoying the amazing view near “Estação biológica”. As the sun goes down we slowly sail to the pear and have a sunset drink.

    At Inhaca you don’t have to struggle for a perfect sunset on the bay, he is all yours! Drinks are on us all the time! We will check in at the camp. We have chalets with water and toilet and mosquito net, bed, roof, you know, luxury J. After a shower and some rest, we will serve dinner at the local village, lobsters and fresh fish. Most important, we then have our guests coming over, especially the local dance crew from Associação Juvenil.

    Day 2

    Next morning it’s free time for breakfast and activities (volleyball, kayaking) available on the beach. At around 11:00 we will go back to Sta. Maria but on the wavy side, have lunch there and spend some more time on this paradise on earth. We will go back through the elephant reserve again and have the chance to see a few more animals.

Our Package

  • Double room N/A For This Trip
  • Single room N/A For This Trip

What's included

    • All meals
    • Beer and Water
    • Snacks
    • Soft Drinks
    • Park Entry Charges
    • Accommodation in a Tent.

Not included 2

    • Extra Alcoholic drinks

Meet your hosts

Fernando Mendes

Fernando has an immaginable connection with inhaca Island.He knows most if not all the locals in the Island.There is no any better person to connect and introduce you to the Island than Fernando.

George Arende

An easy going person who understands the Maputo Elephant Reserve in and Out.Being a person who enjoys being and spending time  in the wild,you could not wish for a better host.

Alvaro Taruma

Born and raised in Inhaca;Alvaro will introduce you to the roots of the Island.Being a poet,he has a unique yet structured  way of  connecting you with the roots of the Island.

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