Our Elephant Reserve 2 DAY

Discover with Mussiro Trips the beautiful natural landscapes within the Maputo Nature reserve, You will see loads of animals including some of the big five. We also give you an opportunity to enjoy some beach-time in one of Mozambiques dessert beaches

    we will go from Maputo through Catembe and drive for almost 50 mins after passing the Catembe  Ferry. We will then drive to the entrance of the Elephant reserve after which we will take a short break with snacks in preparation for the trip inside the Elephant Reserve. Game viewing we will drive slowly while appreciating and taking photos of the Beautiful Nature and animals,  loads of Elephants,around,giraffes,antelopes,Impalas,we shall see all of them on our way to ponta Milibangala.

    Not forgetting there are several lakes within this reserve and in all of them we shall see a lot of hippos and mind-blowing amazing natural vegetation. We shall go all the way to the beach in Milibangalala and have lunch, enjoy some beach time as well then drive back to Maputo. Game viewing is not yet over. On our way back we shall see loads of animals wild beasts among many more.

Our Package

  • Double room N/A For This Trip
  • Single room N/A For This Trip

What's included

    •  Food
    • Transport
    • Drinks
    • Entrance fees and Park Taxes
    • A few snacks

Not included 2

    • Extra Alcoholic drinks besides beer and water which we provide

Meet your hosts

George Arende

An easy going person who understands the Maputo Elephant Reserve in and Out.Being a person who enjoys being and spending time  in the wild,you could not wish for a better host.

Join us in Our Elephant Reserve 2 DAY

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