Our Calanga Beach Glamping Trip

Discover with Mussiro Trips the peace, nature, dunes and beautiful beaches in Calanga, Perfect place to disconnect from the rest of the world, bird watching from the dunes and also the rhythms of soft waves as the sun goes down... And much more!

    We will leave from Maputo city at 8:00 and drive for 1hr 30mins to Manhica where we will have a short break for coffee and to calibrate the car tyres in preparation for the driving adventure in the sand. Your first real adventure will be after passing through the sugar cane plantation where the cars will be literally gliding on sand. For more than 40 mins we will drive on the sand through the forests to the glamping location. For those who are more adventurous and want to camp, don’t worry we will set up for you your tent on the beach or at the camping spot.We will then go straight to the beach where we will have the welcome drinks on us and set up a marquee so that when you are tired of the sun you can rest in the shade. Meanwhile our catering will be preparing the barbecue at the beach

    Lunch will be served at the beach and thereafter you will have a free time to fish, just enjoy the music, swim, sun bath. For those interested we will take a small walk to the other dunes and the marine reserve where we will see turtles and also the places where they lay their eggs. In the evening at around 17:30 we will go for sundowners on the dunes, we will provide you with a sunset drink. We will then proceed for dinner at 18:30.After dinner you can enjoy the music or go to sleep but at around 10:00 we will take a walk to the beach to watch the stars and enjoy the peace of the nature that this location provides. Breakfast will be served the following day at 8:30 followed by free time at the beach and a small lunch at around 12:30 then at 15:00 we drive back to Maputo

Our Package

  • Double room 8500 MZN
  • Single room 9500 MZN

What's included

    • Food
    • Transport
    • Drinks
    • Accommodation
    • A few snacks

Not included 2

    •    Extra Alcoholic drinks besides beer and water which we provide

Meet your hosts

George Arende

He has been camping and Glamping in this dessert beach for many years .He understands and knows  all the difficulties that you may encounter and therefore the perfect person to accompany you

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