• Assistance with multi-entry Visa
  • Private room in Maputo, Inhaca and at Kruger Park 1
  • Shared airport transfers (pickup and drop-off from Maputo)
  • Local SIM card with 3G data and local calls included
  • Taxi service in the city (from 7:00 to 17:00)
  • Half pension (breakfast + dinner) and barbecue at Inhaca and farewell party
  • Access to all the four CoWork Lab’s high speed internet and working spaces
  • Traveling to Inhaca and to Kruger Park
  • Specialized support team and hosts
  • Visa expenses
  • Flights to and from Maputo
  • Lunch (except for barbecue at Inhaca and the farewell party)
  • Please note that due to availability the accommodation at Pestana Kruger Park may be in double room. 2We're happy to assist you with all the traveling arrangements before and during the trip. For advice and support please contact our team.
  • The Connection Trip, is a ten days program, designed within a business frame specially customized to meet your goals and expectations. It offers the chance to get a deep understanding of the world of opportunities that is Mozambique. Meet the key people and relevant projects, always in the company of the most knowledgeable and experienced hosts. Work from the best spaces in the city. Experience the beautiful Mozambican nature and cultural spots of Maputo.

10 Days to feel at home
Welcome to Maputo

As soon as you get to Maputo we want to sweep you off your feet with the beautiful Inhaca Island - slow down and connect with the nature, the culture and the flavors at a Welcome dinner with your feet in the sand.

The blue tones of Inhaca

Sail in a traditional Dhow boat through the most beautiful tones of blue to the white sand beach of Ponta de Santa Maria and have a barbecue with typical tasty food and the waves as the soundtrack! Dreaming already?

Dream big, work harder!

Get to work on your projects, on your time. You will have free access to the four spaces of CoWork Lab and our team supporting you to design a customized work plan. And, what best to get your contacts going? That’s right, a Networking event organized with the 300+ people of the CoWork Lab community.

4 - 7
Let’s talk about business

Get side by side with the best experts of Mozambique making questions and having the best insights into the Business Environment and the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem. Nuno Quelhas and Sara Fakir will be joining us in two Round Table events. In between we will have a a special day at the Standard Bank Incubator with a Talk from the Chief Economist. And a Party MOZ style, where we get out and discover the true Maputo nightlife. Let’s celebrate this new connection to Mozambique

8 - 9
Kruger Park and the big 5!

Lions, leopards, rhinos, elephants and buffalos! Worldwide known, Kruger National Park offers the most incredible safari experience, with over 500 different types of birds, and around 150 species of mammals, reptiles, fishes and a rich flora. Two days, two safaris and a night spent at the charming Pestana Kuger Lodge. Is it the last day already? Last calls and wrap it up with a Farewell party that will certainly stay in your memory.

What happens in Mozambique...

We’re not going anywhere. Our team will be available to keep supporting you after the end of your stay in Mozambique. We’ll stay connected!

Our Package

  • Double room 1390,00€
  • Single room 1490,00€

What's included

Not included 2

Meet your hosts

Cláudio Ferrão

Cláudio Ferrão is a young social entrepreneur, passionate about sustainability in business, and Co-Founder of ORÈRA Moçambique. Considered one of the 10 top entrepreneurs in Mozambique by the Global Shapers Community, from the World Economic Forum, he is also a connector 24/7. Be careful what you wish for because eventually, he will make it happen!

Fernando Mendes

Fernando, is the head and heart behind Mussiro. He has the essence of a connector, he connects ideas, people and businesses, taking them one step further. An easy going person, who knows Maputo like very few and, with almost 20 years of experience starting businesses, participating in local projects and growing his roots. Could we have a better host?

Sasha Vieira

Sasha studied Entrepreneurship as a Post Graduation in Stanford, from 2014 to 2015, and became the Head of Incubator Mozambique, from the Standard Bank Group, Africa's largest bank by assets. This incubator is working towards fulfilling the expectations of the Mozambican SME’S. We will have the amazing chance to be with Sasha in this innovative environment for one full day.

Nuno Quelhas Nuno Quelhas

Nuno has been connected with Africa since his childhood. In the United Kingdom he studied Engineering and started his professional life, working for companies such as the Deutsche Bank.Currently, he’s working with Whatana, in Mozambique, as a Managing Director, an experience that gives him a strong knowledge to join us for a roundtable on the Business Environment in Mozambique nowadays.

Sara Fakir

Sara is a co-founder of IdeaLab, a Mozambican enterprise founded in 2010 with focus on inspiring entrepreneurs, developing Startups, accelerating SME and promoting Entrepreneurship and Innovation. We didn’t need to search for more, Sara is the perfect person to share all her insight about the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem with us.


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